Dear Entrepreneur,

Getting your visitors attention can be the biggest problem you face.

We're all constantly subjected to advertising in one form or another (it feels like) our entire waking day. So if you have an important message you want to get across, it can be extremely difficult to make your point.

Let's face it, people can sometimes just get annoyed with ads and what you're trying to do to earn a living.

And think about this. Just like you can automatically learn to tune out background noise, most people have become "ad blind" to most types of ads and have "tuned them out".

What you need is to grab back their attention, but *without annoying them*.

Introducing Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin


What it does is create a really cool looking page peel effect in the top right hand corner of your blog.

This draws the eye and compels people to click it. When they click to see what it is, they're directed to a new page and you make your offer.

Now all you have to do is put in a small amount of effort to create your ad and then watch your site visitors click it.


A couple of years ago a well known marketer who is renowned for his fanatical testing and tracking (and also his minimalistic approach to everything he does) investigated sales copy.

There's long been an argument over what converts well, long sales copy or short punchy sales copy. He wanted to put this debate to permanent rest in his own mind.

At Its Simplest

The easiest way of using Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin is with WordPress and you can be up and running with your ad in minutes.

  • Upload Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin to your blog and activate.

  • Go to the settings, browse and upload your ad images.

  • Set the URL to the page you want them to land on when they click, and save.

  • You're done.

How Does It Work?

Many people are now using browser addons to temporarily disable Flash just to avoid seeing the ever increasing number of Flash based banner ads. We've all seen them on sites like eBay.

Well unlike similar flash based solutions, Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin uses javascript to do the corner peel effect.

This means that while many people won't see the Flash based peel ads, because there's no good reason to disable javascript, they WILL see your corner peel. And the reason that hardly anyone disables javascript is because without it, many web sites won't work correctly.

Javascript is also a lot easier on the processor than Flash, meaning users of older computers will still be able to see your corner peel ads without seeing their computer crawl to a standstill.

These two reasons mean that there's a better chance of your corner peel ads being seen by your site visitors.

What Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin does is allow you to collapse whole blocks of text, video, whatever into a page. If it can be expressed as HTML, then Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin will collapse and hide it.

When your visitor hovers the mouse pointer over it, it unfolds the content.

You now get the best of both worlds. Your visitors can see your bulleted points, and then click them to read more without leaving the sales page. When you think about it, doing this is important to the way that direct sales copy works.

It's inevitable that some people will want to read just a short amount of text before making a purchasing decision, while others will want to know more about it, or even watch a video before they commit to buy.

By having multiple methods in place, and giving your visitor a choice, you get the attention of all your market preferences.


Address Most Learning Types...

We all like to learn and absorb information in different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch and some like to do the hands-on thing.

As you can put any HTML you like inside the tags that hide the detail, it means you can even embed audio and video into your sales page, and then only display a heading for each section. That way, people that prefer videos can watch, and those that like to read (me) can just do that.


Better yet though is the side effect of the SEO.

Because it only hides the text from your visitors, and doesn't remove it from the page, search engines will see everything. You get the full benefit of using keyword laden text.

Good huh?

And it's now yours.


Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin is both a standalone script and a WordPress plugin for your convenience. So you can run it on both static HTML sites as well as WordPress blogs.

Included in this package is a WordPress plugin to easily allow you to use this technique on your blogs and also the plain javascript code to enable you to use it on a static HTML sales page.

This means that if you prefer to use WordPress as your sales medium, you can use the plugin version. If you prefer traditional long sales copy on a single page, you can still use the technique by using the HTML version.

We've made it very easy to use.

All you need to do is to add some simple [tags] to your page which define the parts of the code you wish to show and those you wish to hide.


Additional Corner Peel Graphics Included

Yes, you will get additional 5 small corner peel graphics, 5 large corner peel graphics ready to use. And if you use photoshop (or the free "Gimp" image manipulation program), you can edit these corner peel graphics with the PSD file... which is included as well.

Here is a sample of the graphics

PLUS 15 More Corner Peel Graphics with PLR
(2 examples below are shown smaller than actual size)

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P.S. Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin is both an easy to use WordPress plugin and on top of that you also get the code you need for your standalone HTML sales pages.

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