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Let's face the facts: if you are still using a email address to provide support to your clients and visitors, your reputation is in jeopardy.

These days around 70% of all email traversing the internet is SPAM. This means there is a HUGE chance of important communications from your clients getting caught up in a filter along it's way to you.

What this means is lost clients and a big chance prospects email will never arrive in your inbox!


The over priced competition just can't compare!

Email Notifications

Your support team knows within minutes when a ticket has been submitted and client is also emailed confirmation & kept up to date.


Full Fledged Editor

Easily upload and download files. Plus, images can be easily previewed so users instantly see photos that may have been attached.

Assign Tickets

You can assign tickets to your team. This is missing from even expensive solutions and is a must have if you are a larger company.


Find Tickets Fast

Your clients and visitors lose track of ticket numbers, that is a fact of life. Using the built-in filtering & sorting makes your job easier.

Knowledge Base & FAQ

This has to be one of the most sought after features in help desk systems that some of the expensive solutions do not even have.


Super Friendly Admin Area

You'll love the easy to use interface. Everything is sorted and placed so a simple glance is all it takes to get updates.


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